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A Polyglot Reviews LingQ.com (The Language Website/App)

Polyglot Gabriel Silva reviews LingQ.com Visit the blog at: http://www.fluentasap.com Visit LingQ at: http://www.lingq.com.

Polyglot Review: Android Kitkat

Polyglot review of Android 4.4 Kitkat on the nexus tablet. Also a brief list of some pros and cons for language apps. Subscribe below if you like the video! :)

A Polyglot Reviews Memrise (For Language Learning) - "First Impressions", Etc.

Here I do a quick review of Memrise, the popular app. Note I am still somewhat a beginner user (although I've been using it for a few months already, I've only ...

Polyglot Med Spanish Daily Apps Review

Flash Academy App Review

This is a review of the Flash Academy App by FlashSticks. If you remember from the previous review of their FlashSticks, you will notice that they had an app that ...

Memrise - Android App Review

'Memrise' is an editor's choice Android App available on Play Store for Free. This 8 Min. Short Video shows how it works and looks. We Review this app and you ...

Busuu FAST Language Learning - Android App Review

The steps involved with learning a language are very convoluted and time consuming. They seem to be obtuse and scattered with how each publisher or ...

Duolingo App Review

Duolingo: iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/duolingo-learn-languages-for/id570060128?mt=8 Android: ...

Mosalingua App Review - Language Learning On The Go

http://iwillteachyoualanguage.com/signup ...get your FREE guide to the best language learning technology here! MosaLingua is a popular smartphone app ...

Babbel android app review

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