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Desarrollador А. Ныров
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Surprisingly, there is no analogue of this simple application in the whole world.It is a natural idea implemented in an endless dictionary with random word distributionin the left and right column, the screen always has at least one matching word. "POLYGLOT-A" you can select a language and learn without effort 5050 words in a short time (english, spanish, italian, german, portuguese, russian, french). The meaning of the game is guessing the word translation,arranged randomly. In the source dictionary all words are sorted in ascending order of the letter sum of words in the English and the Russian languages.Conformity between English and Russian words are developed enough. Word translation into the other languages are made via Google Translator. Moreover, the application allows involving visual and auditory memory during the word memorization. In all the modes, you can listen to the pronunciation of each word by tapping the words (when your device has voice support of the language).
Using application settings you can build an individual learning plandepending on the user’s language level and memory abilities. The recommended learningranges at the elementary level are 1-50, 51-100,101-150 etc. At the same time the appis proposing to choose 2 or 3 words on the screen to the user. In short time it can becomepossible to increase the number of words in ranges and on the screen.
In the next stage a user can set word selection involving the wholedictionary. And in the future you can use a voice identifying mode in order to find a word.To reduce the tips in the translation you can also use a mode that displays onlya certain number of first letters in words.
The application will be useful for anyone who wants to learnwithout effort a foreign language and regularly broaden the vocabularythat can include one or several languages.